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Tyler Tinker, CSCS


Tyler Tinker became interested in physical fitness and health as a young kid playing sports and other physical activities in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont.  He also became very fascinated with Professional Wrestling.  As these dual interests evolved, it was at the age 19, already three semesters into college that he decided he wanted health and fitness to play a prominent role in his lifestyle.  Around the same time he began performing as a Professional Wrestler in regional Vermont and Canadian promotions as well as training at Killer Kowalski's Pro Wrestling School in North Andover, Massachusetts.  Tyler had a memorable role in the Lyndon State College Exercise Science Department in which he served as a personal trainer, head strength & conditioning coach for hockey, graphic designer, and was also honored with the Senior of the Year award.  After graduating in December of 2012 with a Bachelor's in Exercise Science, and NSCA Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist, he moved to Naples, Florida where he began to pursue his passion out in the real world!  

"I worked with an awesome, highly qualified team of trainers at one of the best, upscale fitness facilities in south Florida.  I trained youth athletes, college athletes, people over 80 years old, and just about everyone in between!  This is where I discovered my niche and also shaped my philosophies."

One of the strongest influences of my training philosophies has developed from my involvement with wrestling. Yes, yes, pro wrestling is entertainment, but the hazards and injuries are very real.  I started to become aware that my 22 year old human anatomy at the time was not as invincible as I thought it was. Injuries started to accumulate from the grueling, physically demanding duo of wrestling and also college lacrosse. In order to adapt, I began to learn ways to constructively alter my training and prevent future injuries from happening by learning from my athletic trainer, working with physical therapists, as well as practicing yoga.

HIGH FLYING ACTION! West Warwick, Rhode Island September 2014  Photo Courtesy of Kelz Marie & Brittany Costa

HIGH FLYING ACTION! West Warwick, Rhode Island September 2014

Photo Courtesy of Kelz Marie & Brittany Costa


"As a strength and conditioning coach, my #1 priority is your safety.  My goal is to make you a better moving, stronger, happier and overall healthier person.  Numbers are a fantastic measuring tool I do utilize; however I care much more about how well you can move/lift/push/pull/carry/press rather than how much.  QUALITY OVER QUANTITY! My goal is to make you become the best possible version of yourself."


In the fall of 2013 Tyler moved back to Vermont with the ultimate goal in mind of opening his own facility. He began working for Fortitude Fitness Systems (Ben's Bootcamp) in Derby, VT.  About 6 months later, and after seeing the potential for growth, he made a purchase proposal to the owner; and 3 months after that purchased the location, equipment, and clients in the summer of 2014.  


"This industry is tough, because you get attached to the people you work with.  I take pride (pun intended) in what I do and the people I train.  In my heart I knew this was the right decision to make and the ultimate dream to chase! You might be thinking, 'what about wrestling?'  I am still pursuing this passion as well.  I have expanded my performance to all over New England on a regular basis.  I have had a tryout with a television company (TNA Wrestling) and have worked with former WWE stars.  I owe a big piece of this to my highly effective training regimen and also my evolving knowledge in the field of exercise science.

My goal is to expand Pride Fitness Performance into the best fitness/training facility in the Northeast Kingdom and I feel like I have all the tools to do this. My passion is the fuel to the fire!  In addition, I work with Freedom Physical Therapy in Newport, Vermont as a way of continuing to learn about injury rehabilitation and prevention.  I also work with local schools and athletes looking to take their sports performance to the next level!"

Come visit Pride Fitness Performance today and be a part of the hype! It's time to elevate your physical performance and increase the livelihood of your entire lifestyle.  Always remember to...

Take PRIDE in your health.