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We are located at 326 Bluff Road, Newport, VT.  

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Inspire Greatness & Optimize Performance for Life! 

Pride Fitness Performance is here to deliver the highest quality strength and conditioning/fitness training service in the area.  Our coaches are nationally certified, highly qualified exercise specialists.  Increase performance and prevent injuries.  It is not only our mission, but it is our passion to ensure that you will move better, feel better, look better, and live a better, healthier lifestyle.  It is also our mission to educate and help you incorporate this mindset into your everyday life.  

"We take a holistic approach to fitness and believe in the triad: mind, body, spirit in application to everything, especially your health!  Your attitude, your mindset, your ability to react, adapt, and take action determines the outcome of every situation... Along with rest, recovery and proper nutrition. :-)  At Pride Fitness Performance we have the right tools and passion to help you achieve your goals.  What we cannot do is make you determined.  So be determined; because together nothing can stop you from becoming the best possible version of yourself."  - Tyler Tinker