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"PRIDE!!  Tyler should win Trainer of the Year hands down! I've always been scared of the gym and very unsure of myself but made a decision last fall to introduce myself to the world of fitness. I was referred to Pride Fitness Performance by a friend at work and decided to check it out! I met with Tyler and was immediately put at ease by his warm, friendly, welcoming, encouraging personality. It was obvious that he is proud of his programs and is thoroughly invested in helping each of his trainees, personal training and group classes alike, to feel comfortable and confident and to work hard to meet their goals!

I started with personal training several times per week - totally worth every penny! Tyler helped me face my fears and feel like I really could do it! He does great with nutritional counseling and developing a plan of clean eating that is very do-able as well! He had the perfect attitude and personality for a trainer, pushing me to go further than I thought possible and yet very injury conscious and making sure everything was done in correct form, making me as a trainee feel safe in trying anything he brought into the workouts.  He was always willing to sit and explain a workout or discuss nutrition, always going above and beyond!

I soon felt confident enough to join some of the group classes and also YogaCorr! I was so amazed at the atmosphere in the group classes - everyone was welcoming and encouraging and I never felt out of place! YogaCorr was a fantastic way to start out the week, increasing stability and mobility, making the rest of the workouts during the week even better!

In the 9 weeks I worked with Tyler (I am a travel nurse), I was able to meet my first weight loss goal of 20lbs, lost 3.5% body fat, and had a huge increase in energy and overall feeling of wellness. I went from an 18 second plank to a 91 second plank and saw great strides of improvement in all aspects of my physical performance! I can truly say I looked forward to every personal training session, group class, and YogaCorr, and loved seeing results!!

Join the Pride and find the trainer you've been looking for to kickstart your fitness journey today!!"

-Bonnie Wingard, Traveling Nurse NCH

"I highly recommend Pride Fitness Performance in Derby. Yahoo News says that 67% of gym members never go to the gym. I get that, I work too. But I HATE to miss gym. Partly because it only makes it harder when I go back, but mostly because it is FUN. People would not go to ball games if the home team always won, and there will be times when that wimpy/injured/wrinkled person next to you does things you can't. But when the timer goes off, the next thing might be something you never knew you could do before. It is all about keeping it fresh, and keeping it fun, and Tyler gets that. But what's with the evil twin Tyler Sexton over at ETWA?"
- Ernie Lange, Newport


"Frankly I was skeptical of Tyler when he was introduced as our new trainer, but he soon won me over with his knowledge, professionalism and personality.  I like to workout, but I don't want my workout to be all about lifting heavy weights, and Tyler understands that.  At my age, balance, flexibility, and core strength are very strong training practices that Tyler uses in his workout programs.  I am very excited Tyler has opened Pride Fitness Performance.  Whether group training or personal training, Tyler will individualize exercises for your abilities and capabilities.  Come check out what Pride Fitness Performance can offer you.  You won't be disappointed!"

- Doe Ruggles, Barton   


"Tyler is energetic, knowledgeable and enthusiastic about his business and takes the results and happiness of his clients very seriously. His “themed” workouts are a lot of fun but very challenging. I really like that before every class, Tyler goes through every motion of every exercise to make sure we understand the correct way to perform it and where we should be feeling it. Also, during class, he will give you personal attention if you're performing an exercise incorrectly or if you need a modification.

If you’re new to group training or “boot camp” as many people call it, come give Pride Fitness Performance a try. You’ll be met with open arms by like minded individuals so there’s no need to feel self-conscious or afraid. The hardest step is the first one; Tyler will help with the others! You’re only regret will be that you didn't start sooner."

- Kevin Ingalls, Glover